Secure Shopping

We employ the latest technologies to secure and audit our network security, protecting your personal information as it is transmitted to and stored within our system.

Safe Shop Guarantee

According to Federal Law, you will not be liable for fraudulent charges in excess of $50.00 US. In the event that you encounter fraud related to our site, then please contact your bank to report the incident. In the event your bank requires you to pay the $50.00 liability we will reimburse you for the full penalty payment.

SiteLock Secure

We are certified by SiteLock Secure system. SiteLock Secure certification is the only technology recognized to meet both the U.S. Government's benchmark FBI/SANS Security test and the Security tests of all major Credit Card companies including Mastercard, and Discover Card.

Our SiteLock Secure certification is verified daily and their logo will only display when we pass their strict security audits. As you can see, we have gone to great lengths to provide a secure shopping environment for our customers, but if you have any questions about our Site Security, Contact Us.