Same Day Shipping for Your Orders

If you place order online using a Credit Card for In Stock: Ships Immediately products before 3pm ET during normal business hours your Order will ship that day. There's no signing up or choices to make, we will ship your Order that Same Day!


  • The Stock Status for each product in your Order must be listed as "In Stock: Ships Immediately."
  • Your Order must be completed before 3pm Eastern Time (ET) during normal business hours.
  • Our business hours are 9am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday excluding Holidays.
  • Credit Card customers only. No other Payment Methods are eligible for Same Day Shipping.
  • Any delay in receiving approval from your Card issuer may affect the Order's ship date.
  • If the Order was not shipped the Same Day due to a Stock error, we will ship your Order via UPS Overnight (Domestic customers only) or the best delivery method available.
  • Products listed as "In Stock: Ships in 1 to 5 days" are not eligible for Same Day shipping.
  • Orders delayed due to our Credit Card Verification process may not ship the Same Day.